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Monday, April 23, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- A Win in Small Claims Court Is A Myth

On March 26th 2018... I was really happy to hear I had "WON" my small claims case against my neighbor who intentionally destroyed the fence I built...  that happiness was quickly turned into shock... when I learned "Winning is small claims court does NOT mean you "won"... it means you now qualify for the Appellate Court... & the loser (defendant) has 30 days to force you to return to court (A different Courthouse & a different Judge) to try and "win" again. - simply because they are not happy they "lost" - - seriously- no where on that form does it state: "Please Be Advised: You must "win" twice for the same prize.... to obtain the "Justice" you are seeking... - I am now just "waiting" to learn if the neighbor has decided to make me take another day off of work... & re- submit all my evidence to a different Judge... that my neighbor is not very nice.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs. Crosnoe (3- 26- 2018) Simi Valley Courthouse

The Fence Dispute With The Hoarder Next Door Neighbor Is Finally Over!!!!

Not sure when I will get a chance to rebuild another fence to hide the view of her yard... but odds are slim she will try to destroy it again... :-D

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sick People Should Stay Home!!!!

- A LOT of people currently have the flu- which is totally avoidable - allow me to explain-

The reason so many people have the flu is quite simple - many A-holes are going to work- willingly & KNOWINGLY spreading the flu- those idiots are also going shopping (touching EVERYTHING including those debit/credit bacteria invested machines)- these idiots are also going to movie theaters (not CARING who is sitting in the chair next) going to hair salons/ nail salons/ baseball games/night clubs etc & they do not CARE about the weakened immune systems of babies/elderly/ or people with other medical problems. -

There are parents who are dropping their sick kids off at school- KNOWING they are sick but don't want to take the day off from their job.- so- it is important for EVERYONE to carry sanitizer & or  wash your hands after touching ANYTHING- & most importantly- do not touch your face as that is how the virus enters-

There needs to be a law that anyone who goes in public KNOWING they are contagious - can be held liable in a court of law.- people are DYING due to Irresponsible Sick People.

-Think about it next time you go to Best Buy & the employee is coughing all over your baby- who 48 hours later is fighting for his life.- who is at fault??? 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The BEST thing to happen to me in 2017...

It is now 2018!!!!!!!
It seemed like the year 2017 flew by.... and
 the BEST thing that happened to me was...
I adopted a sweet lil doggie.
Her name is "Chanel" 

I got her in June - she doesn't shed - she is potty trained
she loves to go for walks & car rides
she loves to be dressed in silly outfits...
& when I come home from work - she jumps in my arms!
This lil doggie keeps me smiling all day long!