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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Small Claims Court Is A Very Expensive Lesson! Kelly ...

Think twice... maybe even 3 times before choosing to do any DIY project.... especially if you have a mean neighbor- oh- & for the record- Small Claims Court will cost you more than what you are actually suing for.- it is not worth the time or the expense... seriously- find better ways to spend your money... & energy....

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Court Date Continued Justice Delayed Again!

Being required by law to disprove false allegations in order to have a restraining order removed is not something people should have to endure in the justice system... much less be told- "the case needs to be continued"... oh & you need to go spend more money (ok- that wasn't exactly said- but it is what I heard) "to provide the projector & laptop so we can view your videos" of "innocence" & - "you need to purchase a duplicate USB stick for the accuser"
Seriously?- The court rooms do not provide the use of a projector??? - Ugh! - & did I hear correctly- those who are accused are required to provide a parting gift to the accuser???? Wow!-   Next court date is July 10th 2018 @ 1:30pm Rm 33 Ventura County Superior Court (Linda Crosnoe Vs. Robin Kelly)

Monday, June 18, 2018

Required By Law To Disprove False Allegations!

Tomorrow - is the day I am required by law to disprove the false allegations/ accusations that were made by my neighbor (under penalty of perjury) in order to obtain a restraining order - & claims of "Elder Abuse"-

I hope to not only show I do not deserve the restraining order- but to also convey- the ONLY "elder abuse" that is taking place is this "elder" is abusing the process of the court system.

I'm the 5th person she has drug into that court under the same "crime".

I find it difficult to believe 5 people woke up one morning & just decided to go abuse her.

I'm thinking of bringing popcorn for those who will have to sit through this argument.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Neighbor Wants To "Make A Deal" To Avoid Court!

Ironically- On "Elder Abuse Awareness Day" (June 15th) it was the scheduled deposition day for my neighbor who got the restraining order against me & filed the phony elder abuse case ... which takes place in the Ventura County Courthouse on June 19th @ 1:30pm (Robin Kelly Vs. Linda Crosnoe)  - her newly appointed lawyer contacted my lawyer & presented him with a "Settlement Agreement" - in essence with the offer to "Dismiss all litigation & AVOID going to court" - after reading I realized- it was so "She" can avoid going to court.... - so- I did NOT sign... on the bottom line.... court is in 3 more days...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Small Claims Court + Appeals Court = Elder Abuse! Robin Kelly Vs. Linda Crosnoe

After suing my next door neighbor who intentionally destroyed the fence I built (& winning) - she filed for an appeal & then she filed a phony "elder abuse" claim against me- I lost the appeal because I wasn't allowed to show the same evidence (videos)  that allowed me to "win" originally- & I now must appear in Ventura County Court on June 19th 2018 @ 1:30pm Rm 33 (Linda Crosnoe Vs.Robin Kelly) - I'm still confused as to how the court system works- my neighbor made a bunch of accusations (committing perjury) in a declaration- & was not required to show proof to file the claim- yet I'm REQUIRED to disprove the claim!

Below is the "Declaration" submitted by my neighbor in order to obtain the restraining order against me- take note: the print is small... but-  Not 1 statement is true... except the last sentence... I was arrested in 2001 for "cyberstalking"


Monday, June 4, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Robin Kelly Vs. Linda Crosnoe 6-4-2018 Ventura County...

 Arrrrgh! I could've not sued... and avoided this disappointment. - The Judge 2day stated "I failed to present my case" (despite standing w/ my lawyer who did all he could) & the defendant owes me nothing.- keep in mind- I spent more $$$$ than what I was suing for... "to present my case" (this Judge did not allow me to show any of the video evidence- which is WHY I won originally) also- the very 1st words out of her mouth was- "I have a restraining order against the plaintiff ...for elder abuse- so please make sure she doesn't hit me" arrrrgh!!!!!- my lawyer handed her the court ordered depo date for June 15th & we all must once again be at the courthouse on June 19th- so I can "disprove her allegations"- yeh- I'm peeved that this neighbor is not nice... but I'm glad I got in lots of beer & dancing this weekend... & I DO believe in karma- I always reap the good from the bad... my neighbor KNOWS she is not nice- she KNOWS she is lying about destroying the fence I built... & she KNOWS she is lying about the elder abuse charge against me... lesson learned- next time someone screws me over... I will just acknowledge it... I will not try to right the wrong.... #GoodVsEvil #CourtSystemFail