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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Small Claims Court + Appeals Court = Elder Abuse! Robin Kelly Vs. Linda Crosnoe

After suing my next door neighbor who intentionally destroyed the fence I built (& winning) - she filed for an appeal & then she filed a phony "elder abuse" claim against me- I lost the appeal because I wasn't allowed to show the same evidence (videos)  that allowed me to "win" originally- & I now must appear in Ventura County Court on June 19th 2018 @ 1:30pm Rm 33 (Linda Crosnoe Vs.Robin Kelly) - I'm still confused as to how the court system works- my neighbor made a bunch of accusations (committing perjury) in a declaration- & was not required to show proof to file the claim- yet I'm REQUIRED to disprove the claim!

Below is the "Declaration" submitted by my neighbor in order to obtain the restraining order against me- take note: the print is small... but-  Not 1 statement is true... except the last sentence... I was arrested in 2001 for "cyberstalking"


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