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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cars Vs. SUV's

 I think EVERY Dealership should require EVERY person who purchases an SUV or a Big ole truck like the F-150... to take a special drivng course before being allowed to purchase... I also think those who drive SUV's etc- should be required to obtain a Drivers License that states "Class 4" just like those who drive delivery trucks and buses are required to obtain... heck- if a person who drives a motorcycle is required to take a special course and required to carry a special license- then- people who drive SUV's should too!- they are indeed driving a moving blindspot.... they rarely know the dimensions of their SUV which constantly endangers kids and cars that just happen to share the road with them (Next time your out driving- note the SUV's that appear to be tailgating cars) they are driving something that weighs 10 times more than a car... (Yet- they insist on driving 85 MPH with no fear of getting a flat tire and flipping) their grill is higher than most cars and when they crash into cars... 9 times out of 10 the driver of the car loses their life.

 Bottom Line: Those who drive SUV's should be required by the state to take a required driving course... carry a special drivers license and carry extensive car insurance...

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... At least those who drive SUV's... gotta spend more money for gas. :-D

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sooooooooooo I decided to start my first official blog- only- technically it's not really my first official blog.

I had my first one about 12 years ago- in 2001 which caused me a lot of legal troubles- fortunately... I survived that headache and even had the 1st Ammendment on my side! :-D http://www.thepoliticsofjimday.com

Needless to say... this current blog will include my random thoughts about anything and everything... it will also include random pictures, random videos and basically whatever I'm in the mood to "Blog" - BE WARNED- "IF YOU OFFEND EASILY.... This May not be the blog for you to view.

Yes.... I DO Give a "FREE BLOWJOB" With Every Haircut!

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