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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Another Postponement & A Subpoena!

Once again my court date against my neighbor gets postponed... the new date is now 2-19-2019 @ 9am Rm 41 in the Ventura County Superior Court-  Kelly Vs. Crosnoe - on a side note: according to the court docs- my neighbor (who had postponed the date of 1-7-2019 less than 2 weeks earlier - claiming "emergency bilateral shoulder cup repair" managed to mail my lawyer a subpoena on 1-9-2019! - not to point out the obvious- but- clearly she should be calling her own lawyer! - I will be so glad when this court crap is over.... it has been a year of me having to prove to the courts that the criminal acts of my neighbor (destruction of personal property, committing perjury under oath & on a declaration to obtain a restraining order) has caused me significant time/ cash & stress.- Criminals Suck! My neighbor is nothing more than a common criminal who knows how to manipulate the court system to buy time & avoid dealing with the consequences of her actions. - I give her kudos for knowing the court favors the criminal over the victim.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Got The Audio From 10- 1- 2018 Kelly Vs. Crosnoe

Thanks to modern technology I managed to obtain the audio from the court proceeding that took place between my neighbor, her grandson & roommate & I on 10-1-2018 at the Simi Valley Courthouse- This is just a portion of it- but- you may want to grab your favorite snack while listening... & as you will hear.... Commissioner Paul Baelly did a GREAT job dissecting the lies that are in that declaration that was used by my neighbor to obtain that restraining order... & yes- as expected my neighbor once again filed an appeal- & we are due to appear on 2-19-2019 in the Ventura County Superior Court - Kelly Vs. Crosnoe, Hutchins & Curtis- one thing is certain-  no matter what happens at the Trial De Novo.. I will always have the truth of what did happen... via MP3 :-D

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- The Courthouse Adds Salt To The Victims Wounds!

The one thing I have learned from being forced to appear at numerous court dates for over a year now - due to my neighbor committing crimes against me (destruction of personal property 594PC & Perjury to obtain a restraining order 118PC & Subornation of perjury committed by her grandson & roommate 127 PC) is that the courthouse does indeed add salt to the wound- seriously- even though I personally have NOT done anything illegal or anything that warrants my standing before numerous Judges - I have been REQUIRED to show PROOF of the crimes committed & to DISPROVE false allegations... hopefully this next court appearance will be the LAST TIME I'M REQUIRED TO PROVE Anything-  Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 9am RM41  2-19-2019 Ventura County Courthouse