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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- The Courthouse Adds Salt To The Victims Wounds!

The one thing I have learned from being forced to appear at numerous court dates for over a year now - due to my neighbor committing crimes against me (destruction of personal property 594PC & Perjury to obtain a restraining order 118PC & Subornation of perjury committed by her grandson & roommate 127 PC) is that the courthouse does indeed add salt to the wound- seriously- even though I personally have NOT done anything illegal or anything that warrants my standing before numerous Judges - I have been REQUIRED to show PROOF of the crimes committed & to DISPROVE false allegations... hopefully this next court appearance will be the LAST TIME I'M REQUIRED TO PROVE Anything-  Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 9am RM41  2-19-2019 Ventura County Courthouse

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