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Friday, June 3, 2016

Bummer- I just learned Muhammad Ali has passed.... He was a Good Soul.. - He was very nice to me in 1983... he saw me on Peoples Court & instantly called my place of employment... - (The Holiday- strip joint in Santa Fe Springs) he told the boss to bring me to the phone- I got off stage - picked up the extension- & he told me 'you should've won that fight"- would you like to see the Duran/Hagler fight at Ceasars Palace???? - I told him "thanks but I can't afford to take off from work- He started laughing & then stated- I'm paying for everything- flight/ hotel/ fight - with that I said "Ok!!!"- The fight was GREAT- I stayed in the same suite/ floor as Sugar Ray Leonard & his wife... I also won $22,000 playing Keno ‪#‎RIPMuhammadAli‬
23 mins
BREAKING NEWS: He was simply “The Greatest.” Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has died at age 74, his family confirms. abc7.la/1WzOI4F

I also snagged this lil 1 carat trinket on my middle finger at Tiffany's that night as a reminder of my good fortune I've been wearing it since that night in 1983- I never would've gone to Vegas if it wasn't for Muhammad Ali seeing me on Peoples Court.!