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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The New TV

Today.... I broke down & invested the same amount of money I usually spend on a weekend hotel stay... for- a much bigger TV... for my bedroom. - I went from a 19 inch- to a 32 inch... hard to believe- but- 5 years ago... that 19 inch TV cost $100 more... than the bigger TV- I bought today...
I must confess- I really miss the old days of buying a TV & plugging it into the wall... and instantly having a picture... (Life was a lot less complicated on so many levels) -
now its such an ordeal when you buy a TV... tons of cords, lots of metric screws (NOT included- but required= extra trip to the store) - Wall Brackets (Not Included but can be purchased for about the same price as the TV) - You will need a drill for the wall mounting... & last but not least- at least 30 mins or more required for syncing the TV to the service provider...
 but- yeh- it's a bigger TV - I got it for less than $200...
and -luckily- I've got a man in the house to help set it up. hahahahaha