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Monday, April 23, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- A Win in Small Claims Court Is A Myth

On March 26th 2018... I was really happy to hear I had "WON" my small claims case against my neighbor who intentionally destroyed the fence I built...  that happiness was quickly turned into shock... when I learned "Winning is small claims court does NOT mean you "won"... it means you now qualify for the Appellate Court... & the loser (defendant) has 30 days to force you to return to court (A different Courthouse & a different Judge) to try and "win" again. - simply because they are not happy they "lost" - - seriously- no where on that form does it state: "Please Be Advised: You must "win" twice for the same prize.... to obtain the "Justice" you are seeking... - I am now just "waiting" to learn if the neighbor has decided to make me take another day off of work... & re- submit all my evidence to a different Judge... that my neighbor is not very nice.