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MY DIY Projects

        I created this page to highlight a few of my DIY projects!

                         I've always been a DIY kind of gal...
       I DO enjoy the challenge of being able to do it myself...

                      Below are a few of my "How To" Videos
                   (let me know if you try my method for any of your DIY projects)

1) "How To Make A 3D Birdie On A Branch Decoration"

2) "How To DIY Torn Jeans Look"

3) "How To DIY Glitter Concrete" (Cheap & Easy)

4) "How To Fill In The Gaps On Wooden Fences"


5) "CHEAP DIY Landscaping"

6) "DIY Personalized Face Mask Bling!"


Be on the look out for more DIY Projects to be posted soon... :-D

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