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Mother/Grandmother/Hairstylist/ Ex-Wrestler/Ex-Stripper/Ex- Adult Magazine Model... Who Currently Has A Few Videos On Youtube... :-D

MY DIY Projects

        I created this page to highlight a few of my DIY projects!

                         I've always been a DIY kind of gal...
       I DO enjoy the challenge of being able to do it myself...

                      Below are a few of my "How To" Videos
                   (let me know if you try my method for any of your DIY projects)

1) "How To Make A 3D Birdie On A Branch Decoration"

2) "How To DIY Torn Jeans Look"

3) "How To DIY Glitter Concrete" (Cheap & Easy)

4) "How To Fill In The Gaps On Wooden Fences"


5) "CHEAP DIY Landscaping"

Be on the look out for more DIY Projects to be posted soon... :-D

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