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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ready For Court On 6- 4 -2018 - Robin Kelly Vs Linda Crosnoe

Here is a lil vid to give a Re-Cap of the fence I built & my neighbor destroyed...  I sued in Small Claims Court in Simi Valley & "won" - she then filed an "appeal" on the last day possible to file an appeal & now I'm required to "win" again in order for the "win" to be deemed legit... in the court of appeals at Ventura County Courthouse (800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura California ) on 6-4-2018 @ 9am DIV 20 - I do not understand the concept of being required to "win" twice. - on a side note: today my neighbor filed an "emergency elder abuse restraining order" against me!!!!! - I've never threatened her (other than tell her I was suing her after she destroyed my property) that hearing takes place at 11:30 tomorrow morning- I can't go since I have to work- but luckily- my lawyer will be able to attend & he will hopefully be able to convince the Judge I am not worthy of a restraining order- despite being her neighbor who sued her.