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Product Reviews!

         This Page is Dedicated To Reviewing Products I have Used... (&/or Still Use)

If you are sitting on the fence about certain products & want to know how to use them - this section of my blog might be helpful... If you have any questions regarding any of the products I review- or IF you have a product you would like me to review- fell free to send me an email! :-D

                              Below is My Use & Review of The 2 In 1 Charger/ Camera....
                                                                 it plugs into any outlet!


         The video below I did a while ago... it is for the "Waist Twisting Disc" - in a nutshell-
               it makes exercising fun- but.... the straps don't last long if you are strong...


                                This Video is  - How To Set Up + Use & Review Of The Uniden Dash Cam

                              If You Need To Add A New Toy To Your Landscaping Tools....
                                 Check Out These Lawn Shears Made By "Best Products"
                      Currently- There Are Quite A Few Security Cameras To Choose From...
                                                          I Chose The "Wyze Cam"
                                   - $20 - FREE 14 Day Cloud Storage + Phone APP-
                                                  Here Is How To Set It Up & Use It
The Remington 16" Reel Mower
This perfect size lawn mower requires NO Gas & NO Electricity!

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