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Monday, April 1, 2013

The "Copyright Infringement"

Sooooooo today I got informed via youtube...
that once again there is a copyright infringement claim against me...
for singing a song -"If I was your Girlfriend" by Prince....
Youtube removed the video and I filed a counter-claim...
I then notified my Lawyer of the possible lawsuit pending against me...
I gave his number to Youtube and to the company who filed the "Copyright Infringement"
I really feel it falls under the "Fair Use" act - as I am not earning revenue on the video-
I am just singing the song (lots of other people ALSO have videos on Youtube singing that song)
This is my 4th "Copyright" battle-
The 1st battle was when I upoaded my 1st video to youtube... it was a video of me... dancing on American Bandstand... (I danced on that show for over 6 years) -

The 2nd battle was when I posted a video of me on "Peoples Court" with Judge Wapner...
(Again a video showing me on a TV show from the past)

The 3rd battle was when I danced to a song by Janet Jackson...
( that was considered "Audio Copyright Infringement)

After that battle - I was put on "Youtube Probation" and was at risk of losing my account.

As a dancer... I like to dance to music...
 I also LOVE to sing.
I'm not out to infringe on the music industry by dancing to the music... or singing to it.
and- as a person who has been on a few TV shows- I just wanted to show a few things from my past.

I currently have over 2 million views on Youtube... I prefer to remain in good standing with Youtube- 

This video below is a video I made when I was told I could NOT dance to "Known Music"
Bottom Line.... I'm willing to go to court to determine my right to sing and dance!
Stay tuned for future updates regarding this latest so called Infringement of the music industry.

**UPDATE** 4-3-2013

Here is my response to the current "Copyright Claim"

**UPDATE** 4-23-2013

IT appears that this headache has ended... :-D -  I received this in my e-mail...

Hi there,

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we've completed
processing your counter-notification regarding your video:


This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your
account will not be penalized.


The YouTube Team