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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cars Vs. SUV's

 I think EVERY Dealership should require EVERY person who purchases an SUV or a Big ole truck like the F-150... to take a special drivng course before being allowed to purchase... I also think those who drive SUV's etc- should be required to obtain a Drivers License that states "Class 4" just like those who drive delivery trucks and buses are required to obtain... heck- if a person who drives a motorcycle is required to take a special course and required to carry a special license- then- people who drive SUV's should too!- they are indeed driving a moving blindspot.... they rarely know the dimensions of their SUV which constantly endangers kids and cars that just happen to share the road with them (Next time your out driving- note the SUV's that appear to be tailgating cars) they are driving something that weighs 10 times more than a car... (Yet- they insist on driving 85 MPH with no fear of getting a flat tire and flipping) their grill is higher than most cars and when they crash into cars... 9 times out of 10 the driver of the car loses their life.

 Bottom Line: Those who drive SUV's should be required by the state to take a required driving course... carry a special drivers license and carry extensive car insurance...

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... At least those who drive SUV's... gotta spend more money for gas. :-D

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