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Friday, March 8, 2013

Clean Freak....

I've been accused of being a "Clean Freak"... and being "OCD" about it.

Am I to believe cleaning your home on a daily basis is now deemed "a Psychological problem" ??????

I was taught by my grandma that one should ALWAYS take pride in where they reside... and even if you end up living in the smallest trailer in the frikken trailer park... that is no excuse to be a slob...

 "How you live and where you live are two different things"...
she also said...
 " NEVER live anywhere that is bigger than you want to clean on a daily basis."

 I've seen people who live in multi million dollar mansions... yet it's a total pig-stye inside.... because the person is not willing to clean such a large area... so instead they end up having to hire someone to clean up...

AT what point in your life - does a person determine- whether or not... they will be cleaning up after themselves... or decide someone must clean up after them????? - AT what point does someone decide it's  "OK" to be a slob????

IF anything- I feel the person who is a slob... and expects someone else to clean up after them... is the one with the mental problem.

NO- I do NOT have OCD... I'm appreciative of the fact - I have a roof over my head... and I  know... cleaning it daily keeps it comfy. :-D

(Miss Ruby Tuesday- MY OCD )

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