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Monday, June 4, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Robin Kelly Vs. Linda Crosnoe 6-4-2018 Ventura County...

 Arrrrgh! I could've not sued... and avoided this disappointment. - The Judge 2day stated "I failed to present my case" (despite standing w/ my lawyer who did all he could) & the defendant owes me nothing.- keep in mind- I spent more $$$$ than what I was suing for... "to present my case" (this Judge did not allow me to show any of the video evidence- which is WHY I won originally) also- the very 1st words out of her mouth was- "I have a restraining order against the plaintiff ...for elder abuse- so please make sure she doesn't hit me" arrrrgh!!!!!- my lawyer handed her the court ordered depo date for June 15th & we all must once again be at the courthouse on June 19th- so I can "disprove her allegations"- yeh- I'm peeved that this neighbor is not nice... but I'm glad I got in lots of beer & dancing this weekend... & I DO believe in karma- I always reap the good from the bad... my neighbor KNOWS she is not nice- she KNOWS she is lying about destroying the fence I built... & she KNOWS she is lying about the elder abuse charge against me... lesson learned- next time someone screws me over... I will just acknowledge it... I will not try to right the wrong.... #GoodVsEvil #CourtSystemFail

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