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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sick People Should Stay Home!!!!

- A LOT of people currently have the flu- which is totally avoidable - allow me to explain-

The reason so many people have the flu is quite simple - many A-holes are going to work- willingly & KNOWINGLY spreading the flu- those idiots are also going shopping (touching EVERYTHING including those debit/credit bacteria invested machines)- these idiots are also going to movie theaters (not CARING who is sitting in the chair next) going to hair salons/ nail salons/ baseball games/night clubs etc & they do not CARE about the weakened immune systems of babies/elderly/ or people with other medical problems. -

There are parents who are dropping their sick kids off at school- KNOWING they are sick but don't want to take the day off from their job.- so- it is important for EVERYONE to carry sanitizer & or  wash your hands after touching ANYTHING- & most importantly- do not touch your face as that is how the virus enters-

There needs to be a law that anyone who goes in public KNOWING they are contagious - can be held liable in a court of law.- people are DYING due to Irresponsible Sick People.

-Think about it next time you go to Best Buy & the employee is coughing all over your baby- who 48 hours later is fighting for his life.- who is at fault??? 

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