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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Waiting To Return To Court To Disprove False Allegat...

I'm waiting to return to the Ventura County Superior Court in 5 more days - to disprove the false allegations made by my neighbor - I hope to get this undeserving restraining order removed... & I selfishly hope the Judge determines that my neighbor violated PC 118 (Committing Perjury) & actually enforces the punishment of $1000 fine & / or 6 months in Jail... one thing is certain- not 1 true word was written by her in that declaration she signed to obtain that restraining order... & I have had to spend a lot of $$$$ to disprove her lies. - Linda Crosnoe Vs. Robin Kelly - July 10th 2018 1:30pm Rm 33

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