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Friday, February 15, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- 4 Days Till Court - Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 2-19-2019

I have now been stuck in the court system for over a year... due to the illegal actions of my neighbor against me...  (the criminal is entitled to "appeals" & "postponements"... the victim has no say so).-  my next court date in which I am REQUIRED by law to once again PROVE to a different Judge... in a different courtroom... the illegal actions of my neighbor takes place in 4 more days.- Kelly Vs. Crosnoe - 2-19-2019 @9am Rm 41 - Ventura County Superior Court....  - hopefully this will be the last time I'm REQUIRED to appear in a court room to PROVE my neighbor needs to be held accountable.... Ironically- she used the court itself to commit the crime of perjury to obtain the restraining order against me- yet I'm the one REQUIRED to PROVE it.... to a 3rd Judge... in another courtroom.... after already proving it... to two other Judges!  -Yes- The Court System is easily manipulated by the criminals. #KellyVsCrosnoe

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