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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs. Crosnoe- (Debtor Hearing) 6- 3- 2019

After paying to fight in a courtroom for a year or more to PROVE you deserve compensation... Every prevailing plaintiff/victim in a court case is "on their own" to collect the awarded damages/judgment- from the defendant/criminal... they must file for a "Debtors Hearing" (Order To Appear And Produce Assets) - That hearing cost the plaintiff $60 per defendant & $40 sheriff fee per defendant.... (not cheap!)- At the hearing the plaintiff/victim is given the chance to ask about assets & personal info such as bank/drivers license/rent/mortgage- & offer the option to the defendant /criminal to make monthly payments... unfortunately- the criminal/defendant has "rights" and  can ask the Judge to BLOCK that personal information... in other words-  the hearing in reality-  is worthless to the plaintiff & the money is spent in vain....  Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 6-3-2019 Simi Valley Courthouse

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