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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs Crosnoe - Bank Levy #2 And A New Dog

The downside to "winning" a small claims  civil suit... is... the odds of actually collecting are slim... due to the courts inability to force the defendants to pay & it being the sole responsibility of the "winner" to use the LEGAL avenues... to seize the money...  This is my 2nd attempt at doing a Bank Levy against my neighbor who willfully destroyed the fence I built & then told a bunch of lies (committed perjury under oath) under the false claim of "Elder Abuse" in order to obtain a restraining order against me...which required that I disprove all the false allegations... bottom line - my neighbor is not a nice person & she knows how to use the loopholes in the court system.... Kelly Vs. Crosnoe




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