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Friday, November 15, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs. Crosnoe- I Had To Call The Police On My Nei...

Well once again... I had to call the police on my neighbor... she willfully backed up over my sidewalk twice & ran over my plants- almost hitting my car.... the next day her tenants willfully backed over my trashcan... & I received a nasty message on Facebook from an ex- tenant who was evicted after my neighbor was alerted via the sheriff of the 3rd party levy... this non stop daily harassment simply because my neighbor owes me money needs to stop!- The debtor hearing takes place in less than 72 hours... - Hopefully- someone can convey to my neighbor that willingness to do a monthly payment plan would be beneficial to her & her tenants.  Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 11-18-2019 Simi Valley Courthouse

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