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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Miss Ruby Tuesday-The Crazy Neighbor That Has A Digging Problem

Yes- clearly my crazy neighbor has a digging problem.... she just loves to dig UNDER MY FENCE... she loves watching it fall.... & she loves seeing it in her yard... she wants a "new fence" & she isn't happy with the fact I have a lien on her house from the last time she chose to destroy my fence... & told a bunch of lies to get a restraining order- during her latest digging adventures- I confronted her while she was digging- this video shows her progress prior to my fence falling for the 3rd time... & her reaction to my confronting her. - yesterday- on a side note- she just had a new tenant move in yesterday- who questioned the fence laying in her yard... she told the new tenant- "oh- excuse the mess- my neighbors fence fell- I do not know when she will be picking it up or replacing it" yes- my neighbor is pure evil- plain & simple - naturally- I'm thinking of just letting the fence lay there . Kelly Vs. Crosnoe http://www.missrubytuesday.com http://www.twitter.com/msrubytuesday http://www.akamissrubytuesday.blogspot.com

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