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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lets Talk About Sex...

Its NO Secret... I Totally LOVE Sex!!!!!  :-D

I think it is the GREATEST invention EVER... yet- it surprises me how many people are totally offended by sex... and- how many people would prefer to NEVER engage in it... as if it is something that is repulsive... yet- they are totally accepting of viewing violence. 

Strippers... Prostitutes and Porn Stars are considered shameful women.... because they are willing to get naked for men.... as if to state SEX is bad... and the men are bad because they seek it... Sex is NOT bad... it is GREAT... it is the sole reason we all exist... how can that be bad?????

Even Government goes out of it's way to censor consenting adults from enjoying life... They discourage people from enjoying watching porn- they act as if porn leads to the demise of our country... and then without even blinking- they hand 18 year old kids a gun- ship them off to some war and say... here is a helmet- here is a gun... if you come back alive and with all your limbs... congrats your someone who will get to stand on a street corner later in life cause were going to pay you far less than the guys we give a helmet and a football to....

Personally- I would prefer to watch 2 or more consenting adults give each other a big smile - rather than watch adults get their heads chopped off on national television.

To me IF a person would rather watch violence than sex- I feel they are the ones that truly have a problem. Violence makes this life scary... Sex makes this life enjoyable.   Nakedness is Fun!

 Below is a video I made pertaining to sex... BE WARNED- Not for those who are easily offended.

Bye 4 Now....

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