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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is An Insult To Women

 Hillary Clinton is a complete insult to women- not only did she allow her husband to be with Jennifer Flowers for 12 years... she also sent the message to all women that its "OK" to be disrespected in a marriage after that ordeal with Monica- at that point- she could've stood up and stated - "women- it doesn't matter who your married to... even if he is the President- you should respect yourself enough to get a divorce."-

but nooooooooooo  - instead-
she chose to set the bar so low- that women believe it is actually better to stay married...
and the men learned they have nothing to fear if they get caught cheating.-

Hillary Clinton is the saddest excuse for a woman I have ever witnessed.

UPDATED: 6-4-2016

Here is a video I created to further explain my disdain...

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