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Friday, May 3, 2013


Sooooooooo 5 years ago I posted a video on youtube searching for my ideal kind of guy... needless to say I am still searching.

I know exactly what kind of man I would prefer... unfortunately- it never occurred to me that the kind of man I'm attracted to... does not prefer the kind of gal that I am...

As a rule- the men my own age are petrified of me (they always have been) - and the only men who seem to be attracted to me, are EXACTLY what I'm not looking for.... - It's not that I don't appreciate the "Manly Man" - it's just- well- I enjoy the "Girly Man" - the one who does get manicures... the one who does dress sharp... the one who DANCES. - My ideal man- DANCES!

I seem to meet men who wanna do the "Horizontal Bop"  and- Nothing against a good ole fashioned romp in the hay - but I truly need a man who ACTUALLY knows how to dance- one who truly loves to dance... not the man who only dances when he gets drunk...

Soooo- at age 55- I'm guessing my odds are slim to none in finding my ideal man- but on the brightside- I have no problems dancing alone.


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