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Friday, December 21, 2018

Prepping For The Next Court Date In 2019! (Kelly Vs. Crosnoe)

Once again I need to cough up some cash to prep for the upcoming court date ...

Kelly Vs. Crosnoe - January 7th 2019 9am Rm 41 Ventura County Superior Court

I think it will be money well spent... the goal is to be done with this headache that I have endured during the entire year of 2018... my neighbor just flat out refuses to accept responsibility for all the grief she has caused me... and all the money I have been forced to spend to prove the crimes she committed... (destroying my property- a fence that I built) & then having to spend some serious cash to disprove the false accusations that she stated on a declaration to obtain a restraining order - which I had to entail for 8 weeks until the Judge could see I did not deserve the restraining order.- I then had to sue- & yes- once again because I won- my neighbor filed an appeal to drag out this headache.  I do hope the money I am currently spending to end this ordeal is not in vain... but I won't know that until January 7th 2019.

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