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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs Crosnoe- My Neighbor is Mad Because She Owes...

Just hit the 1 year mark of my neighbor being told by the Judge that she does indeed owe me money... & we have a future court date on 11-18-2019 @9am in the Simi Valley Courthouse to review WHY she refuses to pay that debt. - nothing prevents her from making monthly payments- instead- she has chosen to keep harassing me & have her "friends" harass me. - simply because she owes me money.- & for those who have followed this legal battle- you might recall my neighbor had her grandson & her tenant at the time ALSO destroy my property & commit perjury on her behalf- which is why they are deemed defendants #2 & #3 & that the Judge determined that they too owe me money in the event my neighbor does not pay that debt. - Kelly Vs. Crosnoe, Hutchins & Curtis

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