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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs Crosnoe- Response To "Mega Sore Ass"

After seizing some money via Bank Levy- from the checking account of my neighbor- & after busting the kid who destroyed the lighting on the pole 3 times... then busting my neighbor who was trying to dismantle my NEW light & pole that is on MY lawn.... & seeing "Misty" the current tenant scope out the same lighting on security cameras... AFTER she left me a rude comment here on YouTube... & then deleted it... (Luckily- I snagged a screen shot) - I noted that I also got a few rude comments from "Mega Sore Ass" (which I also did a screenshot of) before he deleted them... My guess is "Mega Sore Ass" is either the kid I busted... or "Derek" (friend of Misty & current tenant next door) - This is my response to his comments & yes- This will be given to the Judge (along with the videos of her & her friends harassing me & willfully destroying my property) at the next debtor hearing against my neighbor to show she & her "friends are harassing me & causing me grief non stop simply due to the fact that my neighbor Ms. Crosnoe doesn't like the fact she owes me money- can you imagine if the electric company & the phone company had to put up with this crap??? - seriously- nothing prevents her "friends" or her- from starting a "Go Fund Me" page or throw that debt on a credit card & end the nonsense!-- next court date is on 11-18-2019- Kelly Vs. Crosnoe Simi Valley Courthouse -

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