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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday- Kelly Vs Crosnoe- Comment from Misty Moore

It appears my neighbor has once again convinced her "friends"- that she is just a "sweet little ole lady who has a had a rough life" - this video shows the comment I received from "Misty Moore" who is a current tenant & has received 2 visits from the sheriff in which she denied being a tenant- this is my response to her. & yes- I already snagged the screen shot (to give to the Judge at our next court hearing) as I knew she would  "delete" her comment.- rather than allow the evidence of it. - - yeh- my neighbor and her friends... are all such "nice" people- - too bad they are not nice enough to pay off her debt... or refrain from bullying me on her behalf. - the next video will be another "friend" aka "MegaSoreAss" who left me a few comments...
 Kelly Vs. Crosnoe 11-18-2019 Simi Valley Courthouse

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