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Friday, October 25, 2019

Miss Ruby Tuesday-Kelly Vs Crosnoe- Heading Back To Court 11- 18- 2019

Ok- it has now been a year since the Judge ruled in my favor in the case against my neighbor- her grandson & the tenant at the time-  who all committed perjury to get a restraining order- claiming "elder abuse"-  my neighbor clearly has no intentions of honoring that ruling & paying the amount awarded- she has employed people to cause me grief because she is mad that I prevailed in that court room.- she has them convinced- she is a "victim"- of MY actions against her- rather than just tell them the truth- that she caused the court battle due to HER actions against me.- I might point out- nothing prevents her "friends" (who truly believe she is a victim) from starting a go fund me page on her behalf- &/or just pay off her debt at the local sheriff's office to end the legal battle my neighbor created.- the reality is- my neighbor does not want to end the legal battle-  We  go back to court for the "appearance & examination of assets order"  next month  - - Kelly Vs Crosnoe 11-18-2019 @9am Simi Valley, Courthouse

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